Adventure Ready

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This clear and comprehensive DIY guide and manual sets backpackers up for success with detailed information about everything from the basics of gear selection, navigation, safety, and trip planning to nutritional and physical preparation and body resiliency to how to readjust after returning home.

Included are worksheets and checklists that make it easy to stay on top of all the planning a long-distance hike requires, while thoughtful prompts to address the “Why” of your adventure help to keep you motivated.

“Adventure Ready” empowers both men and women to create goals, face challenges, and be stronger and smarter on the trail.

Midwest Book Review

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Want to prepare your body and mind for the rigors of long-distance backpacking and other epic adventures? Adventure Ready will help you!

Adventure Ready covers everything an aspiring backcountry athlete needs to know for planning their first thru-hike!

Co-authored with Katie Gerber, an accomplished backpacker and a nutritionist, we’ve combined our expertise to answer your questions about:

  • What to eat
  • How to train
  • What to carry
  • What to expect on the trail

Additionally, we dedicate an entire segment of the book to the mental and emotional preparation, maintenance, and reintegration phase of the journey.

“It’s commonly estimated that 75 to 85 percent of aspiring thru-hikers on the Triple Crown trails quit before reaching their goal. That’s a staggering number. So, what’s the difference between those who get to the opposite terminus and those who don’t? It’s generally not athletic ability. People of all different demographics and athletic abilities successfully complete long-distance trails.

Backpacking is not a particularly technical sport, though it does require you to learn a particular set of skills. The primary physical component involves walking over natural surfaces with a load on your back. And though good physical fitness reduces the likelihood of injury and can make the experience more enjoyable, a backpacker always has the option to slow down or reduce mileage to ease the physical demand. The challenges unique to a multi-month backpacking trip are exposing yourself to the elements day after day and continuing to move forward when you’re tired of sleeping on a thin foam pad, sick of eating dehydrated foods, and missing your family and friends. Thru-hiking success comes down to the ability to endure when things get hard. There are certainly legitimate circumstances that force hikers off trail, like illness, injury, and finances, but many quit because the going gets difficult and they don’t have a strong reason for being out there. There still physically capable, but mentally they’re over it.”

Excerpted from Adventure Ready page 161

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For several years I was a personal trainer for aspiring backcountry athletes looking to take on their first thru-hikes. My co-author Katie, is an accomplished backpacker and a nutritionist. Combined our experience answers your questions of what to eat, how to train, and what to expect on the trail.

In addition, we both know how important mental preparation is to accomplishing your goals and we dedicate an entire segment of the book to the mental and emotional preparation, maintenance, and reintegration phase of the journey.