Write YOUR Adventure Course

You’ve hiked a long-trail, or other epic backcountry experience…Now, it’s time to Write YOUR Adventure!

This introductory course covers the ins & outs of traditional publishing. It also includes two lessons on the basics of self-publishing. Heather provides her personal experiences in the industry as well as resources for additional exploration from vetted resources.

Course Curriculum:
Lesson 1: Types of Publishing
Lesson 2: Slush Piles
Lesson 3: Copyrights, Contracts, and Rights
Lesson 4: Advances
Lesson 5: Royalties
Lesson 6: Agents
Lesson 7: Self-Publishing
Lesson 8: Professionalism in Self-Publishing
Lesson 9: Who Are You Writing For?

You Get:
9 Lessons & Lectures + Supplemental Materials + Assignments + Insight from the author of two bestselling traditional Adventure Memoirs.

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